At Long Last

IMG_4998Louis Fifer and his father John had found a bottle shard while digging at the Ravenna Glass Company site in Ohio. The Ravenna Glass Company started production in 1857 and closed in 1864. Known today for many marked historical flasks, they were also known for using high quality glass. The Fifer’s only clue  to the bottle was the partial embossing “GETA” and below “ORM.SY” on the shard they found. After some detective work and with help from Matt Lacy, it is with great excitement that Louis was able to find and add a complete/intact example to his collection. The ROGERS VEGETABLE WORM.SYRUP CINCINNATI is small aqua pontiled medicine that was hand blown in Ravenna for a merchant in Cincinnati, so many miles away. See all the pictures in “Read More”.

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Kaiser Wilhelm Bitters, Sandusky, OH

002Gary Beatty sent me some pictures of a Kaiser Wilhelm Bitters from Sandusky, OH that he picked up at Chattanooga. I did some research, but little is know and nothing is listed in the Sandusky City Directory according to the sources. Those that I saw listed on ebay where mostly clear with a few ambers. In doing my research, I saw a number of Kaiser Wilhelm Bitters that were amethyst in color, interesting.  Gary’s claims his had been nuked, was dull with stains and begging for a good cleaning. Gary was able to restore the bottle to the original condition. Beautiful bottle! See an advertising tray and a website in the “Read More”.

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October meeting 2015 016The Suffield Historical Society invites the public to their meeting on Monday, Sept. 21 at 7 pm. Brian Gray, Glass Curator of the Portage County Historical Museum, will discuss “Decorative Glass” and evaluate any glassware pieces brought to the meeting. The Society meets in the Community Room of The Suffield Township Firehouse, 1256 Waterloo Rd. Magadore, OH (located near the intersection of Route 43 and Waterloo Road).

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President’s Day

WashTaylorHeckler_072Monday February 16th is President’s Day and I have included some great Washington Taylor flasks and Eagle flasks for your enjoyment. You can also read more about the Washington Taylor flasks by reading an article in the Spring 2004 Bottles and Extras. You can also see a nice video of a display that was featured at the FOHBC National Bottle Show held in Pomona, CA.

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varietyBeginning in the mid 1800’s, poisonous substances came onto the market to control plants and vermin, and as surface cleaners. To prevent mishaps, poison bottles were given distinctive features, which today make them fun to collect. Colors like cobalt blue, inky black, and dark green ensured they were easily recognizable.

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Victorian Christmas Lights

Victorian Glass Fairy Christmas Lights“Tis the Season …for Victorian Illumination Lamps by Rick & Berny Baldwin. Commonly referred to as “Victorian Christmas lights” in the U.S. because of their celebratory and festive usage, Victorian illumination lamps represent a class of vintage glass collectibles that possess historical provenance,

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The Rise and Fall of Leisy Beer

Leisy BeerWhen Cleveland’s Leisy Brewing Company closed its door for the last time in 1958, it marked the end of one of America’s longest surviving family breweries. Today it is best remembered by collectors who treasure both the pre-prohibition and later memorabilia

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