Chattanooga 2015

The Ohio Bottle Club was well represented at the FOHBC National held in Chattanooga the first weekend in August 2015. The weekend was filled with bottles, conversation with bottle friends and great eating adventures. The City Cafe Diner with a great selection of desserts was the talk of the show for the Ohio group. See […]


The Ohio Bottle Club will meet at Hartville on Saturday August 22nd. Bill is planning to be there at 7 am to reserve 3 spaces and rent 6 tables. We will be at the back of flea market near the edge of the asphalt. Bring a lawn chair, water, food, etc. See you there.

Chattanooga Awards

The Ohio Bottle Club did very well at the FOHBC National banquet held this last weekend in Chattanooga. Phyllis and Adam Koch received first place in the Best Newsletter contest, Jack Sullivan received first place in the Best Research Article category, ¬†Alan DeMaison received first place in the Best Website contest, and Louis Fifer and […]