May Meeting Cancelled

Unfortunately, the May Meeting of the Ohio Bottle Club will need to be cancelled. Alan will need pictures with notes and/or articles for the May Swirl. We will continue to operate the Ohio Bottle Club through the Swirl. Two thirds of the members are unable to attend the regular meetings before the pandemic and hopefully all will continue their support through these tough times. Stay healthy.

Mansfield 2020 Rescheduled

Hello Dealers and Friends!
As you are aware, there have been many changes to the bottle show circuit this spring because of COVID-19 precautions and government restrictions to groups and events.
The Ohio Bottle Club and Mansfield Bottle Show chairpersons have been in discussions about the upcoming 2020 Mansfield Bottle Show scheduled to be held May 8 & 9 this year. Your safety and health are most important to us, in addition to following the shelter in place order instated by Ohio governor, Mike DeWine on March 23, 2020.
It has been decided to reschedule the 2020 Mansfield Bottle Show. The new dates are October 2 & 3, 2020.
The location of the show remains at the Richland County Fairgrounds (750 N Home Rd, Mansfield, OH 44906). The schedule of the show remains as outlined in the contract for 2020.
If you have sent in your contract already for the 2020 show and plan to attend on the new dates, no action is required on your part. A confirmation email will be sent closer to show dates.
If you have sent in your contract already for the 2020 show and are unable to attend the rescheduled dates, please contact Matt Lacy by September 25, 2020, to have a full refund issued.
New fliers will be posted and distributed online. Please share these rescheduled dates with friends and collectors who may be interested in attending. We will be accepting contracts for tables through September 3, 2020.
We are excited to resume planning this wonderful show and hope to see each of you this fall!
All the Best, Matt Lacy

Jack Sullivan Articles

Jack Sullivan has for many years written an article for each Swirl about some form of Ohio bottle or stoneware history. I have been concerned about preserving this legacy for some time. My calls for help in scanning this awesome resource have gone unanswered. Sad! But it is going to happen. In the right sidebar you will see a picture of Jack Sullivan. Click on Jack and those articles that have been scanned are now available. P.S. when the article opens, you will need to rotate clockwise. Link to articles

OBC Strongsville Bottle Show

The OBC Strongsville Bottle Show has a success. With a great hospitality room on Saturday night to the Show on Sunday. Louis and dad John provided attendees a well organized venue in a great location. Thanks to all the dealers and OBC members that provided food for the hospitality room. See all the pictures by clicking on “Continue Reading”.
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Mansfield is history!

185 inside tables greeted the Mansfield attendees. Elizabeth Lacy was able to reconfigure the show into one building. The new format was actually good for both dealers and the general public. No traveling between buildings. Outside setup was very solid with at least another 15 tables. Lindsey Fifer with new born treated the Friday dealers and early admissions with an outstanding dinner. Thanks to all members, dealers and attendees for making this such a successful show. Click on “Read More” for all the pictures. PS Pictured to the left is three generations of Fifer’s. Will Logan be a fourth generation bottle collector; Darl, John, Louis, Logan?

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Mansfield is near!

We are two weeks from Mansfield. We need Mansfield to be successful and we need your help to make it a success! We need gate help, information table help and Friday night dinner help.

The Mansfield dinner will need additional help. Half of the dynamic duo of Lindsay Fifer and Elizabeth Lacy will probably be unavailable. We need members to step up and replace all the hours of preparation. Please contact Matt or Louis.

Use your cell phone to take pictures at Mansfield mostly with individuals. It is a great opportunity to showcase our shows and our club. Send them to me by either email or as a text. Download the contract.




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