American Bottle Auctions

We are excited to be presenting part 1 of the Mel Hammer collection of antique bottles starting today, December 10th and ending on December 19th. We’ve sent out the catalogs and you should have one by now, the auction can be accessed by clicking on the link below. You might refresh your page to make sure you have the most up to date version. As we like to say, we have something for every collector and it’s never been truer in presenting this spectacular collection. Mel was a consummate collector of early Gold Rush type bottles which included schnapps, sarsaparilla, and gin. The diversity of his collection is more than we had ever thought possible, a myriad of colors and variants exceeds even the most ardent early “squares,” collection. But it doesn’t stop with squares, in addition Mel put together a first-class collection of western bitters, some western whiskeys and a generous selection of inkwells in both umbrella and teakettle styles with even more to go.

link to the auction

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Swirl Articles

  In addition to the Jack Sullivan articles, other talented writers have contributed to our success. Those articles are also being scanned and will be available by clicking on the “quill pen …

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