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Ohio Bottle Book


Published by the Ohio Bottle Club; entries & updating by Don Dzuro; spiral bound book; over 350 pages; over 8,000 entries; copyright 2007; price guide; laminated cover; and many categories including Beers, Bitters, Crocks, Druggists, Flasks, Fruit Jars, Household, Inks, Medicines, Mineral Waters, Perfumes, Sarsaparillas, Sodas and Whiskeys.
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Ohio Milk Bottle



Published by the Ohio Bottle Club, entries & updating by Don Dzuro, spiral bound book, contains 256 pages, over 6,500 entries, copyright date 2013, price guide and laminated cover.
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Brick book



Published by Don Dzuro, approximately 424 pages, 2353 entries, plus updated Ohio Brick Makers, both manufacturers and individuals.


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Tribute to Don Dzuro

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My interest in collecting antique bottles commenced in 1970 and is still going strong. The lack of a single reference point for Ohio bottles was a discerning aspect of the hobby and consequently thrust me into writing books on Ohio bottles.

The project was originally started in 1972 by club founder Bill Koster and club member Bob Newnham. The original conscript contained 272 entries. They gave up the project as too time consuming.

In 1974, with their permission, I continued the project. My enthusiasm for the hobby propelled my initiative to obtain my goal. For forty years, this desire obsessed me. I had no desire for any enumeration or glory, it was simply giving back to the hobby.

Several Ohio Bottle Club books have been published with the first couple available to club members only. From the original 272 entries, the Ohio Bottle book entries have expanded to approximately 17,500 entries, And now, reaching my golden years, I can look back and say, “job well done”. While the job is not complete, I am, and hopefully someone will volunteer to continue the project.

More recently, I have been recognized by The Hutchinson Bottle Collectors Association, Ronald R. Fowlor, founder, with their “Honor Roll Award” for promoting information utilized by Englishman Charles G. Hutchinson’s patent spring stopper, in use between 1879 and World War I.

It’s been a fantastic ride, 40 years, bottle digging, bottle collecting and being associated with so many wonderful people and fellow collector enthusiast.












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