At Long Last

IMG_4998Louis Fifer and his father John had found a bottle shard while digging at the Ravenna Glass Company site in Ohio. The Ravenna Glass Company started production in 1857 and closed in 1864. Known today for many marked historical flasks, they were also known for using high quality glass. The Fifer’s only clue  to the bottle was the partial embossing “GETA” and below “ORM.SY” on the shard they found. After some detective work and with help from Matt Lacy, it is with great excitement that Louis was able to find and add a complete/intact example to his collection. The ROGERS VEGETABLE WORM.SYRUP CINCINNATI is small aqua pontiled medicine that was hand blown in Ravenna for a merchant in Cincinnati, so many miles away. See all the pictures in “Read More”.IMG_4998 IMG_4997 IMG_4996 IMG_4995 IMG_4994

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