102_3226I left the house at 5:45 am with probably 8 or 9 boxes of junk bottles. I was hoping to sell a few things and have some great conversation with bottle friends. I expected to meet up with a group that was already at the flea market, but to my surprise, I saw no one from the club. Not to be discouraged, I started to walk the grounds and from far off I recognized Marvin King. We both looked lost, searching for familiar faces in the crowd.

We approached a guy that looked like he was a regular and he gave us an instant education. Then we spotted Adam and it was very soon after that we claimed two spots. Next came Jim Cady claiming a third spot and soon after Todd Knisley making it four. We had managed to land on four $13 spots, couldn’t have planned it more perfectly. Adam and Marvin started selling strong while Jim and I started slow. Todd was there to gain contacts and educate anyone that was willing to listen. At about 9 am, Jim and I saw our sales increase. We all had a great time. I ended up selling $66 worth of bottles and donated all of it to the FOHBC Virtual Museum. We gained an education in the art of Hartville Flea Marketing and through our discussions will make the next time even better. See the great pictures below.

102_3227 102_3228 102_3232 102_3230 102_3231 102_3229 102_3226

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