Marble games program, a big hit!

IMG_0387Tim Ickes gave a very entertaining program for our June meeting on marble games. He displayed a wide variety of early marble games. The July meeting will feature our annual picnic meeting with KFC provided by the club. Each member is to bring a side dish and/or dessert to share. Click on “Read more” to see all the pictures from the June meeting.IMG_0385 IMG_0386 IMG_0387 IMG_0389 IMG_0388 IMG_0390 IMG_0391 IMG_0384 IMG_0383 IMG_0382 IMG_0381 IMG_0380 IMG_0379 IMG_0378  IMG_0376 IMG_0375  IMG_0373 IMG_0372 IMG_0392

IMG_0402 IMG_0401 IMG_0400 IMG_0399 IMG_0397 IMG_0396 IMG_0394 IMG_0393

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