Destination Cleveland for 2018

cleveland-convention-centerThe long awaited announcement was made by Louis Fifer (FOHBC Conventions Director) that the 2018 FOHBC National Convention will be held in Cleveland, Ohio. The Ohio Bottle Club will be the host club. Read the announcement. After exploring other sites including Toledo, Sandusky, Columbus and Akron; Cleveland emerged as the leading site with a very strong offer and very attractive dining/activities within walking distance from the hotel. The team of Louis Fifer, Matt Lacy, John Fifer and Alan DeMaison received unanimous approval from the FOHBC Board of Directors on the proposal. With the Horseshoe Cleveland Casino, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Science Center, and so many restaurants near or on East 4th all within walking distance of the host hotel, Cleveland has transformed the downtown into a great location for conventions. The committee looks forward to many of the OBC members to participate as helpers, displayers and/or dealers.

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