Displays at Cleveland 2018

The FOHBC National in Cleveland is looking for displays to compliment the sales tables. We have 16 displayers and looking for more. Please complete the Display Application or contact Alan DeMaison at <a.demaison@sbcglobal.net> for more information. see a full list of displayers by clicking on “Read More”.

Duane Radar, “Pyroglaze Milk Bottles”

Chris Davis, “Pitchers at an Exhibition”

Tim Kearns,  “K. T. K. China Whiskey Jugs”

Roger Hardesty, “Cleveland Advertising Stoneware”

Brian Gray, “Barber Bottles and the molds they were made in”

Alan DeMaison, ” War Slogan Milk Bottles”

Phyllis Pahlmann, “Jelly Glasses”

Berny Baldwin, “Glasshouse Whimsey Turtles”

Jim Hall, “Ohio Sodas from 1840 to 1860”

Dennis and Nathan Huey, “Cleveland, Ohio Sodas and Ales”

Tom Sproat, “Glass Jars Made or Patented in Ohio before 1880”

Jim Berry, “Inks”

Russ Crupe, “Atlas Jars”

Ted Krist, “Bitters”

Jim Bender, “FOHBC History” (2 tables, 2 spaces)

Alan DeMaison, “Virtual Museum” (1 table, 2 spaces, electrical outlet)




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