January Meeting

102_3123Please make 2015 the year that you share your talents to make the OBC bigger and better. Bring in your best acquisition(s) from 2014. Bring in one, two or more items that you just had to have. Items don’t need to be expensive to be treasures. Most everyone made at least one found treasure this last year. Make this the year that you share. No voting, just sharing.

Unfortunately, Elaine and I will be in Houston , Texas the week of the January meeting. I wanted to share my 3 special purchases. I was thrilled with a large DOWN ON THE FARM crock from Shadyside , Ohio . It was purchased at Burton in September. The teal scroll flask and the PONCE DE LEON MINERAL SPRINGS jug from, where else, Meadville were both purchased at Pittsburgh in November. I was very lucky since both Louis Fifer and Matt Lacy had picked up the scroll flask before I got to it. Glad they chose to put it back on the table. The Meadville jug ended a 10 year search. Now it is your turn to share at the January meeting.

Bill has some ideas for the February program that will be discussed as part of the January business portion of the meeting. Remember how you felt when you discovered that first bottle, like a kid in a candy shop. I couldn’t wait to share my discovery and to find a club where others with a similar experience actually existed was more than a dream come true.

            Dig deep and rediscover that inner enthusiasm. Volunteer a few hours a year by contributing to a meeting program, help with a show, add your input to the website, write about a bottle or bottle experience for the Swirl or any of 100 jobs that make a club successful.
            Every organization experiences members “burning out” and unfortunately they go from volunteering too much to not volunteering at all. We find new collectors to replace those we have lost over the past 15 years by increasing our membership from 180 families to 250 again.
            The drop in membership has resulted in a drop in attendance at the meetings. Make a special effort to attend the meetings. 
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