September Meeting

DSCF2099“Share your Treasurers” was the theme for the September meeting. Many members brought Treasures that they obtained this summer. The meeting was well attended. The October meeting will feature Soyer Perfect Sauce from Meadville, PA and of course our traditional cider and donuts. Click on the “Read More” to see all the pictures.

Chris Gudzinas share a nice selection of dug bottles from two dumps. Chris is a relatively new member that has become very active. We welcome Chris to our club.

DSCF2062 DSCF2063 DSCF2085 DSCF2100


Jim Salzwimmer brough a nice selection of club bottles and free blown examples. He also added a nice Eagle Bottling Co. Akron OH stoneware bottle.

DSCF2064 DSCF2065 DSCF2092 DSCF2093 DSCF2094

Brian Gray added a huge pine cone. He offered the advice; Don’t walk around in these forests without a hard hat. You can always count on Brian to add something a little different.



Bruce Drollinger added a nice LePAGE Glue box that was made into a caring container with a handle and drawer. Bruce shared the amazing sound of the bells.

DSCF2067 DSCF2068 DSCF2091 

 Elaine DeMaison brought a nice selection of Jelly Jars and a cross stitch Sampler from the early 1800’s. The jellies were bought in Mansfield and the Sampler was purchased in an Antique shop in North Carolina.

 DSCF2073 DSCF2090

Alan DeMaison brought two flasks. The amber Scroll flask was particularly interesting with an usually long base.

 DSCF2071 DSCF2089

 Dave Baughman had acquired a very early milk bottle and a six pack of Norka sodas. Norka is Akron spelled backwards. The learning never ends at one of our meetings.

DSCF2069 DSCF2095 DSCF2096

Todd Knisley shared his Treasures. Some of the treasures were very inexpensive. Todd spends much of his time educating the public to the beauty of our hobby.

DSCF2074 DSCF2075 DSCF2076 DSCF2097 

Louis Fifer brought a great collection of rare and colorful Ravenna Pikes Peak flasks. Louis is currently the FOHBC Conventions Director and is working with the OBC to bring the National show to Ohio. Thanks Louis for your efforts and good luck to the committee.

DSCF2098 DSCF2077

 Matt Lacy has become a major collector of double eagle flasks. He is currently working on a major book about the double eagle flasks. Matt brought a collector of rare and in many cases undocumented double eagles.

 DSCF2078 DSCF2087

 One of our newest members brought a nice selection of bitters and flasks. Marty attended an auction with Adam Koch and before the auction was over, Adam has his money to join. Tough to say no to Adam. That being said, Marty is a welcome addition to the club.

DSCF2079 DSCF2080 DSCF2099 DSCF2088


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