Hartville in July

IMG_0411The OBC members descended upon the Hartville, OH flea market Saturday July 9. Ten members claimed 7 spaces to promote the OBC, educate the public and sell their┬ámerchandise. Adam Koch, Todd Knisley, Jim Cady, Matt & Elizabeth Lacy, John Fifer, Louis Fifer & Lindsay, Dave Keding, and Alan DeMaison represented the OBC. The new OBC banners brought attention to our group and can be used multiple times throughout the year. See “Read More” for pictures.Adam got their at 6:20 to claim our spaces followed by John Fifer and the rest of the crew by 7. Most of us rented tables at $6 each and by 7:45 we were selling. Many a customer was surprised with the existence of the Ohio Bottle Club. We handed out applications and flyers to educate the general public. A cloudy day with a cool breeze and no rain was a pleasant surprise for the group. An August outing for the OBC was discussed.

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