Old Dr. J. Townsend Sarsaparilla

IMG_0376“Alan, here is a OLD DR. TOWNSEND SARSAPARILLA I picked up at Norm Hecklers several years ago. You were there also. It just so happened I was one on the very first to make the rounds. The first table I came to this jumped out at me I snatched it up. Several guys behind me ask to look at it while I quickly paid the guy. I didn’t have time to quibble and the price was cheap.” Best Regards, Gary Beatty. See all Gary’s pictures by clicking on “Read More”.  Four of us including Roger Hardesty, Terry Crislip and Tim Kearns made the trip to the fall Keene Bottle Show. Norm Heckler had his get-together next to his barn where dealers set up and he provided some excitement for the visitors. He prepared corn chowder for the adventurous crowd. I was impressed. I’ll never forget the great weekend. Thanks for sharing.

IMG_0381 IMG_0379 IMG_0374 IMG_0380 IMG_0376

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