OBC, with 6 months to the National Show in Cleveland, it is time to step up and volunteer your talents to make this a great show. We need;

  • Advertising committee chair and helpers
  • Dock Marshalls for loading/unloading at the docks
  • Committee for Youth Corner events
  • A photographer for the event

Click on the “Read More” to see the description of each job.

Need advertising committee chair and helpers

            These Volunteers will contact local newspapers, radio stations, cable TV, etc. to gain a pricing for advertising. They will then coordinate a plan based upon a budget to best execute Advertising for the National Show

 Dock Marshalls for loading/unloading at the docks

            These Volunteers will coordinate unloading/loading of merchandise/displays in the Dock area. They will be responsible to keep traffic flowing. There is to be absolutely no parking in the Dock area while dealers/displayers move items to the tables. Cars will be unloaded at the Dock and moved before anything is moved into the Sales/Display Areas.

 Committee for Youth Corner events

          This Committee will be responsible for providing 50 Child’s Grab Bags 10 and under for Saturday and Sunday. They will also be in charge of the Children’s scavenger hunt on Saturday and Sunday. You will have access to other Scavenger Hunts as a model.


           The FOHBC is looking for an official event photographer who would document all events at the convention. Imagery to be used in Bottles and Extras and on FOHBC web site. Full credit and recognition. All meals, event access and hotel expenses paid.

 Training and/or discussion will be provided to make your job feel comfortable.

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