March OBC meeting

If you weren’t able to attend the OBC March meeting, this is what you missed. Ken Arthur -Cambridge High School Paperweight; Porters Cure of Pain, Cleveland, Ohio 1870;Boyce Ford Motometer (for car radiators),1940; Johnson Glass fluted dental floss container; WWI  Trench art letter opener, Order of the Garter.

Jim Salzwimmer – Glob 7 1/4 inch Clear Flask with Moonstone tint; Medium Green Nurser 24 ribs; Chestnut Flask, Green 24 ribs; Pitkin Flask Medium Green 16 ribs; Pitkin Flask 16 Broken Swirl ribs, Olive Yellow Green; Pitkin Flask 24 Briken Swirl ribs, Dark Amber; Chestnut Flask 16 rib, medium amber, very crude. 

John Keenan – Indian Breech Cloth Apron, Iroquois Indian Beadwork.

Ted Krist – 4 Gallon Crock WJ & EG Schroeder Manufactures, Middlebury, Ohio; 4 Gallon Crock Colvin, Hall, & Cowan, Tallmadge, Ohio; Chas. Parker Co. Coffee Grinder.

Matt Lacy displayed 3 recent purchases.

Tim Kearns added a mini crock for all to see.


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