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**I and my family (the Criddles) have been trying to located Criddle dairy bottles. Thanks, Christopher at

**Looking for milk bottles from Barnesville and Tacoma Ohio in Belmont County. Thanks, Julie at

**I have some Wooster and surrounding area bottles that I’d like to share and get info about. Is there anybody from the Wooster area who can help me? Thanks, Don at

**Looking for milk bottles from my Dad’s dairy in Piqua, Ohio – Lane’s Dairy. Would love to find and purchase to hand down to my children and grandchildren. Thanks, William at
**I was wondering if anyone would have an extra copy of the Ohio Bottle Book for sale. I have started collecting bottles from Sandusky and would like to have more information about them. I will also provide my home phone 419 625 1695. We do screen calls so please leave a message and we will pick up if available or call back. Thanks, Jim at
**Looking to buy Rieck or Rieck -McJunkin milk bottles for sale. The creamery was in Ashtabula County, Ohio. Thanks, Dave at

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